Future Auto Sales Q&A

Q. Can I sell my car with no title?

A. Yes, Future Auto Sales can still buy your car. If you lost your title we will file for a duplicate title from the DMV and buy your car.

Q. Can I sell my financed car to you?

A. Yes you can still sell your financed car to us! Our Buying Specialists have helped thousands of customers by buying their financed vehicles. Through our hassle-free process, we will call your bank or credit union to get your payoff amount. If our offer is higher than your payoff amount we pay off your car to the bank and cut you a check for the difference right away. But If our offer is lower than your payoff then you pay us the difference between your payoff and our offer. Then we will send the full payoff check to the bank.

Q. Will you beat my CarMax offer?

A. YES! Future Auto Sales will beat ALL valid CarMax offers. If you would like us to beat your CarMax offer, simply bring the paper in-person or email us a picture of it. Please note, CarMax offers are only valid for 7 days and their validity depends on in-person inspection by one of our Buying Specialists.

Q. Will you buy my car with damage (such as scratches, dents, check engine light)?

A. Yes, we will still buy your car. It doesn’t have to be detailed and in perfect condition. We at Future Auto Sales understand that accidents and damages happen to all of us. The Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer allows you to list any damages on your car. If you are unsure, simply stop by in-person or give us a call at 818-240-0099 and our trained Buying Specialists will assist you with Your KBB Instant Cash Offer.

Q. Can I sell you a leased car?

A. Yes we can buy your lease as long as your bank provides all the legal documents necessary to perform a 3rd party lease-buy-out. Due to the current market conditions, 3rd party lease-buy-outs are subject to change. Please contact your leaseholder or our Buying Specialists at Future Auto Sales for further assistance regarding the pay-off amount for your vehicle.

Q. What happens when I bring my car to Future Auto Sales for an appraisal?

A. Our appraisals are quick, easy and most importantly hassle-free. You won’t need an appointment either! As soon as you arrive, one of our Buying Specialists will take a look at your car to determine its make, model, miles and overall condition to validate your Kelly Bluebook Instant Cash or TrueCar offer. That process takes no longer than 15 minutes.

Q. What happens to my car after you purchase it?

A. Depending on the condition of your vehicle, we will either wholesale or retail the car. If we choose to retail, our own service center will perform a 125-point inspection to ensure everything mechanical including engine, drivetrain and electrical components meet our safety standards for retail. From there the car will be fully detailed, advertised and will eventually find its next owner.

Q. Can I cash my check from FAS?

A. Yes, our business checks are real and cashable within 2-3 business days which is faster than any competition! For example, CarMax’s checks have a 10 day hold.

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