How to get the MOST money for YOUR car!

If there is one thing that connects us as drivers, it is the emotional connection We establish with our vehicles. Doesn’t matter what brand, size, or use you have for Your car, chances are, it has been Your companion through good and bad, rainy and sunny days, road trips, and grocery runs. But like most relationships, sometimes things have to come to an end. Saying goodbye isn’t always easy and the least you can do is honor the process of parting ways, let your car be in good hands, and get appropriate compensation. However, that’s easier said than done for the average car owner. Selling Your vehicle can be a struggle, where spending hours in the used car market and Craigslist offers can drive You crazy in no time. But don’t worry, Future Auto Sales is here to help.

In this blog post, you will learn how to get the most money for Your car by using the way used cars are priced to Your advantage. So stick around and find out, dealerships won’t tell you, but you deserve to know! First things first, as we already mentioned above, every car is unique. Not just to Yourself, also to whoever will buy it. If there is one thing you should take away from this before you move on with Your search, it is NOT to compare Your car to other vehicles in the market. That’s due to a variety of aspects. First of all, the condition of the car determines its value unlike anything else. Some key indicators for Your car’s value are: - Age - older cars typically depreciate more as times goes by - Mileage - the fewer miles a car has been driven, the more value it retains - Damages - any accidents can affect the value but also the buyer’s impression - Paint condition - environmental contaminants and rust can affect Your car’s value - Maintenance records - regular oil, brake, and tire changes keep a car in good shape There are many more factors coming into play when pricing a used car and it is nearly impossible to compare one to another. For this reason, many dealerships have come up with sophisticated systems to determine the value of a vehicle. That process is usually referred to as an appraisal.

As a consumer, appraisals are a great way to get an overall idea of how much Your car is really worth. Nowadays, you can even get an offer for your car in the comfort of your own home, for example through online Platforms like Carvana, Vroom, or Shift, but You should consider the gold standard: Kelly Bluebook’s Instant Cash Offer. (insert link) All you have to do is truthfully fill in a couple of facts about your car, and you have a number that is valid for 7 days. This is by far the most honest way of determining a foundational value for Your vehicle, without getting misleading pricing impressions of similar cars on CarGurus or AutoTrader.

Want to know how much Your car is worth? Get Your KBB Instant Cash Offer here

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