Leasing a Car

Is Leasing a New Car In 2021 a Good Idea?

When you drive through Los Angeles and Brand Blvd in Glendale, it’s not a surprise you come across good-looking cars everywhere. Whether it's the new 2021 BMW M3, Mercedes AMG, or Porsche 911, witnessing the latest automotive technology and design unfolding its true beauty on the road gets you excited. Attaining one yourself is a dream, but the retail price of any new car today is steep. What if I told you that you can drive your dream car today without burning a hole in your pocket? Well, find out in today’s discussion on leasing!

In the current automotive market, over a quarter of new-car buyers choose leasing over buying and financing a vehicle (Statista, 2020). Why is that? Leasing offers some attractive incentives to consumers with certain car needs. Let’s say you don’t want to be married to your car for a long-term financing agreement, or you want to avoid paying for maintenance; leasing a new car in 2021 has many benefits:

New Car Experience:

Who wouldn’t like to enjoy the latest technology and performance?

Lower Monthly Payments:

Compared to car loan payments, leasing can be cheaper

Lower Down Payment:

Most dealers will require a lower down payment

Covered Additional Costs:

Your car’s maintenance is covered by the dealership


Tired of driving the same car? Simply return it at the end of your lease

Ultimately, it’s a personal decision to lease or buy a car but the benefits of leasing a vehicle make it a desirable option for many in today’s car-sales world. With lower down and monthly payments as compared to financing a new car, leasing is the best option for enjoying everything that comes with the new car experience. In addition, leasing offers you peace of mind in your day-to-day life as maintenance costs are taken care of by the dealer.

Leasing Your Next Car With Future Auto Sales

While finding the right car to lease all by yourself can be a demanding task, we at Future Auto Sales are here to help! With over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and next to the large variety of our top-condition pre-owned vehicles, we specialize in getting only the best leasing deals for our customers. Acting as the middle-man, we will assist you in all stages of the buying process. From finding the right car in the color and interior you desire, to working out the lowest possible monthly payments, our leasing specialists at Future Auto Sales will get you the best deal on getting into your dream car. Get in touch with us now and start driving today! What are you waiting for? Click here to contact your future leasing specialist

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