How To Sell Your Car

What documents do I need to sell my car in California?

We get it, selling your car can be a confusing process. From conducting market research, to getting your car appraised or negotiating with potential buyers, there are a lot of things to consider when it is time to let go of your vehicle. However, negotiating the right price is only one part of selling. From a legal standpoint, you want to make sure to have all of the necessary documents and paperwork to get the transaction done as smoothly and quickly as possible. So for today’s blog, let’s go through the three essential documents that you NEED in order to sell your car:

  • Title: The title has to be in your name in order for you to sell it
  • Registration: The vehicle has to be to registered under Your name
  • Drivers License: Commonly used as proof of identity


The title of your car is the most important document. Simply because it proves ownership of the vehicle. You can only sell what you outright own. Often, cars are purchased by multiple parties, banks, or credit unions meaning that sometimes you won’t even get your title until your car is paid off. Here, it helps to have the payoff amount or account number available. On the other hand, when having the title, sellers should be aware of the exact language when there are co-signers. You can only sell the car by yourself when the title separates two names by “or”. If multiple names are connected by “and”, the presence and consent of both individuals are needed.


It is crucial for the vehicle that You are planning to sell to be registered. The tag date on the A license plate is always a great way to tell. But depending on the situation, some cars have expired tags because they haven’t been moved for a long time sitting in a garage or driveway. Here, the DMV will charge fees and penalties when you plan to re-register the car. Therefore, it is important to communicate responsibility to such fees before the car changes ownership.

Drivers License

Whether you are selling to an authorized Kelly Bluebook Buying Center, franchise dealership, or a private individual, it’s always a plus to have your driver’s license on hand. Identity theft is a big issue in today’s car sales world, so verifying your identity gives other businesses and individuals an extra layer of security during the transaction.

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