Selling Your Car: KBB vs. Private Party

When it comes to selling Your car, you have to make an important decision. Should you sell wholesale or to a private party? There are a variety of positive and negative aspects to each, but let’s be straight up here: In most cases, you will get paid more when selling to another private individual. That’s because you are in full control of the sale. In other words, you have the freedom to set the price you want. Here, orienting yourself to market values of the same model in similar condition can help to position your offer competitively to find the right buyer. However, a private party sale can come with a variety of issues. First, you will need to create a compelling offer for your car, including a detailed report of its condition. While taking pictures and videos inside and out is helpful, other important aspects such as mileage, age, and service history should be listed as well.

Then comes the hardest part: finding a cash buyer. The transaction should be clean, simple, and trustworthy. But that’s easier said than done, paperwork such as registration and title transfer need to be handled, which can be confusing to the average consumer. On the other hand, selling to a car dealer is the fastest and most comfortable way to sell your car nowadays. It solves the issues you would run into when selling to a private party. For example, You can simply go into a dealership such as Future Auto Sales and get a check the same day. Acting as a middleman, We use our expertise in the automotive industry to handle all parts of the sales process moving forward. So the only thing you really have to worry about is getting the right price for your car. In comparison, dealerships usually offer a little bit less for your vehicle than private parties because they need to keep a profit margin to stay in business when selling the car. But recognizing the benefits here, that lower price is often a compelling trade when thinking about the troubles of private party selling. You won’t need to wait months to find a buyer, but most importantly, dealerships are trustworthy buyers.

Future Auto Sales, which is an authorized Kelly Bluebook Buying Center with trained acquisition coordinators at Your service. Now, being knowledgeable about the foundations of the car-selling process, how can we get the best price for your car? Well, there are different ways to answer that question. On one hand, you could take a masterclass in negotiation and duel every car salesman in your way. However, chances are that years of their experience will leave you both frustrated. What we recommend is being conscious about your available options. See dealerships as your allies and don’t let them pressure you into selling right away. Get a quote for your car and simply shop around to see what other places will offer you. CarMax is a perfect dealer to start off Your process. Within 30 minutes, you can have a written offer in your hand that is highly competitive. From there, you can move on and see how other dealerships will fight to earn your business. Future Auto Sales is proud to beat any valid written offer, whether it is from CarMax or other franchise dealerships, for example Mercedes, BMW, Honda, or Toyota. So the real answer to getting the best deal on your car is to bring it into Our lot for an appraisal. We are an independent car dealership located in Glendale California and as an official Kelly Bluebook Buying Center, we are proud to get our customers the most for their vehicle. We can even help You trade it for Your dream car. Check out our Yelp and Google reviews to see what our customers have to say.

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