How To Use Your 2022 Tax Return To Finance Your Next Car!

Have you thought about using your 2022 tax refund for purchasing your next car? Right now is the perfect time! It’s the season of the year again where the government is refunding us American taxpayers some of our hard earned money into our bank accounts. This February alone, tax refunds averaged over $3,000 dollars a person, depending on income and tax bracket. But is the amount of money enough to get into your dream SUV, sedan or sports car? Keep these following suggestions in mind and stick with us on today’s discussion when making the decision to purchase your next car with a tax refund.

How To Use Your Tax Refund For Purchasing A Car

Good news! Your 2022 income tax refund will likely qualify to use towards your next car purchase. The typical tax return is usually enough to cover a substantial part of a down payment. However, factors such as the desired car’s price, age and your credit condition also make a great influence. If you are not looking to buy, but maybe sell off your existing auto loan, your tax refund can also help! For any questions on your next SUV, sedan or sports car purchase, our financial specialists at Future Auto Sales are always just a phone call away. Get real time advice from experienced financial automotive experts today before committing to anything. Call 818-240-0099

1. Using Your Tax Refund For Your Down Payment:

2. Using Your Tax Refund To Buy A Pre-Owned Vehicle

3. Paying Off Your Existing Car Loan

4. Bonus Tip: Use Your Tax Refund For Peace Of Mind

All in all, the extra money gained through the yearly income tax return can be extremely helpful whether you are looking to sell or buy your next car. Put your 2022 tax return towards a down payment, add it to your already saved up money to buy in full, or let it help you pay off your current vehicle. Future Auto Sales in Glendale has a large variety of top-condition, pre-owned vehicles for any budget while also assisting with car loans and lease buy-outs as an authorized Kelly Bluebook Buying Center. If you are looking to buy, sell, trade, or lease with your income tax return, consider our inventory at great deals or simply call us for questions along your car-selling journey. We are excited to assist you!

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