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Tesla’s amazing cars and SUVs are showing a new path to the future of driving, so it just makes sense that they’re now available at Future Auto Sales, too. Of course, while used Teslas are a lot different than the typical used cars for sale in Glendale, you can still expect the same fantastic customer service and fair-market pricing we always provide to our shoppers. The result is a hassle-free approach to joining the all-electric revolution in a high-tech EV with hundreds of miles of range on a single charge. Get started today, either online or in person, and discover just how easy and rewarding it can be to own the all-electric Tesla of your dreams.


Buying a used Tesla is an affordable way to embrace the EV lifestyle, and that’s especially the case when you shop at Future Auto Sales. As a starting point, nearly all used cars for sale in Glendale — Teslas included — are a lot less expensive to buy than a similarly equipped brand-new version. We’re talking thousands of dollars worth of savings even for used cars in excellent condition.

And you can rest assured that our used Teslas are definitely in top-notch shape. After all, each one is carefully inspected for quality and comes with a free Carfax report that can provide key third-party information about a vehicle’s history. We also ensure all the used cars we sell can pass California’s strict smog regulations — which is easy for our used Teslas, remember, because they don’t make any harmful emissions at all.

Our available Cilajet paint treatment can then seal the deal — and your car’s exterior finish — with an aviation-grade ceramic coating to help protect against both sun damage and environmental contaminants such as bird droppings and tree sap.

(Future Auto Sales can help with your leasing needs as well, plus we’re always on the lookout for new inventory and participate in the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer program. That way, selling your car to us is just as rewarding as when you buy from us.)

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Used Teslas are much more than merely efficient. They’re upscale machines built for people who like to live life at the cutting edge. So it’s no surprise that used Teslas are among the most tech-friendly used cars for sale in Glendale, complete with advanced driver-assistance systems that you have to experience to believe. Nor is that the only benefit of buying a used Tesla: You can also enjoy impressive modern luxury, world-class infotainment resources, and daring design cues that make almost everything about these cars feel special. Please keep in mind, however, that exact features may vary by model and model year.

  • Just to be clear, Teslas don’t have traditional internal combustion engines. They have large batteries to store electricity, which is used to power the vehicles at all times. Teslas with rear-wheel drive have one motor at the back, and all-wheel-drive models feature two- or three-motor setups to also send power to the front.
  • Tesla’s remarkable AutoPilot technology serves up self-driving capability that allows used models to steer, accelerate and brake automatically under your active supervision. Special features like “Summon” mode can let you automatically park and unpark some used Tesla models without having to be in the vehicle at all.
  • Used Teslas take a unique route to luxury, replacing leather with an eco-friendly vegan surface that’s sustainable, durable, and incredibly comfortable when used for the brand’s heated/ventilated front and heated rear seats.
  • Tesla’s clean and sophisticated cabins can rely on an assortment of up to three massive touchscreens for nearly all vehicle controls. This includes a rear media display that can be supported by a full-on gaming computer with up to 10 teraflops of processing power and access to the Tesla Arcade.
  • Distinctive glass roofs top many used Tesla SUVs and cars, and some incorporate solar panels to bolster their battery power.
  • Full-color navigation, wireless charging, WiFi compatibility, Bluetooth, concert-level audio systems, and head-up displays can add further digital convenience to used Teslas.


Thanks to the company’s extensive SuperCharger network — which includes multiple charging outlets right here in Glendale — keeping your used Tesla on the road is a breeze. In fact, you can add some 200 miles of range in about 15 minutes at a Supercharger, many of which are located near stores, restaurants, and other popular destinations. A wide variety of home-charging options, from Tesla and other parties, is also available.


The Tesla lineup is aimed at the heart of the auto market with SUVs and sport sedans designed for everyday driving and then some. Look over our inventory for the one you want, but don’t worry if you can’t find it at first glance: Future Auto Sales has a significant amount of experience when it comes to tracking down even hard-to-find used cars for our customers, and we’re here to do the same for you.

  • The Tesla Model S flagship sedan is one of the quickest and fastest used cars for sale in Glendale, with the high-performance Plaid version rocks 1,020hp and is able to sprint to 60mph in less than 2 seconds with a top speed of 200 mph. Yet the same sleek machine can go nearly 400 miles on a single charge of electricity.
  • A popular entry point for the brand’s car family, the Tesla Model 3 is a compact sedan that certainly comes up big where it counts, with a driving range that approaches 360 miles and dynamic performance that can get you to 60 mph in only 3.1 seconds.
  • Real SUV capability is standard in the Tesla Model X that can be configured to tow up to 5,000 lbs. and fit up to seven people in supreme comfort. The Model X is also known for its innovative Falcon-wing rear doors that open vertically for easy access to the back seats. A long-distance driving range of up to 360 miles keeps adventures in easy reach, too.
  • The Tesla Model Y is a compact and contemporary SUV that offers a more affordable gateway to the brand’s sport-utility vehicles. That said, the Model Y has no shortage of the brand’s best tech features along with real-world versatility, seating for up to seven, and an all-electric range of approximately 360 miles before you need to recharge.


Founded in 2003 by computer engineer Martin Eberhard and tech entrepreneur Marc Tarpenning, Tesla Motors was conceived as a car company that puts as much emphasis on technology as it does on the driving experience. They chose the name “Tesla” to honor the avant-garde inventor Nikolai Tesla. Elon Musk, the famous face of Tesla, then came on board in 2004 to help drive the company forward.

After years of development and investment, Tesla’s first car, the Roadster, debuted in 2008 and immediately electrified the public with its stunning performance and range. Indeed, it was the first retail EV to break the 200-mile barrier for driving without recharging. The Roadster’s success set the stage for the Model S sedan, which launched in 2012, and the brand brought out its first SUV, the Model X in 2015. Nowadays, Tesla has developed into a high-volume automaker that sells hundreds of thousands of cars and SUVs each year as it brings the benefits of EV driving to more and more people across the country.

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